Victorian apprentice jockey suspended for betting

Lapses in judgement which led to Chris Caserta placing six bets, totaling $49, resulted in the apprentice jockey receiving a four-week suspension on Wednesday.

Caserta pleaded guilty to placing the bets through his TAB account on four separate days between March 11 and December 9 last year.

The jockey did not participate in any of the races on which he placed wagers, with the races held in Australia (Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia) and Hong Kong.

Two of the six bets were $1 each while another was a $2 wager. The greatest amount outlaid on a single bet was $30.

Caserta told Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board Chairman Judge John Bowman that he was 'disappointed and embarrassed' by his actions.

Judge John Bowman determined that a four-week suspension, identical in length to the penalty imposed on apprentice Liam Riordan in 2016 for his first breach of betting rules, was a suitable penalty.

Caserta will start his four-week suspension immediately and will be free to ride on Thursday, April 11.